New to computers, an operating system, or need tips on certain subjects? This article contains a list of tutorials that could hopefully be helpful.


Is your computer infected with a virus, or are you paranoid that you are downloading a malicious program? These articles could be helpful.

Windows 7

Are you new to Windows 7, or need to know certain subjects that relate to Windows 7? This article list could help you.

Windows 8

This section contains articles that could help you use Windows 8.

Windows 10



Unfamiliar with computer hardware? We've got you covered.

Internet Explorer

Do you need help with Internet Explorer? Do not worry, because we can help you.

Google Chrome

We've got Google Chrome users covered too.

Facebook, Twitter, and more

Are you needing help with Facebook? Do you feel unsecure? We hope these articles help.

Microsoft Word

These tips will help you with Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Excel

What's a tutorial page without Excel tutorials?

Microsoft Outlook

Curious about Outlook? Don't let that curiosity kill the cat! Read these articles!


These tips will help you become a master Firefox user.

Search engines

These tutorials will help you with search engine use.

Windows in general

For people who just need help on Windows.


We got Linux users covered as well.

Websites and online activity

Need a tutorial on websites or online stuff? No problem.

Web browsers

Don't know anything about browsers or wanting to choose one? Piece of cake.


Here's to the YouTube noobs.

Computer management

Managing your computer's files, programs, and performance will be a snap once you read these tutorials!

Windows Server 2012

Having trouble with Windows Server 2012? We can help!

External links

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  2. W3Schools
  3. Windows Networking

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