Welcome to the first issue of Wiki News. This is a series I will be doing at least once every week. Stay tuned for more if you're interested.

Plans for this Wiki

One thing is for certain: this wiki will not be here for very long. I am going to start my own company sometime in a few years and once I have a web server up and running, I will create a website with the same functions and purposes as Techversity Wiki. This will therefore make this wiki obsolete and I will close it down.

With those plans out of the way, here are some other plans I have for the wiki in the meantime:

  • Create some article templates and infoboxes of various categories.
  • Finish creating the tutorials for the Tutorials page, and work on existing ones.
  • Add and improve the Achievements system (i.e. add some new achievements, rename some existing ones).
  • Add some more gadgets from the Dev Wikia.
  • Spruce up the wiki's global CSS.

App Showcase

Since this is a tech-based wiki, I will be showcasing an application every week. This week's App Showcase focuses on a little Android launcher app known as CM Launcher 3D by Cheetah Mobile.

CMLauncher3D Icon

The app's logo as seen on Google Play.

Made by a Chinese Internet company, CM Launcher 3D claims to be the world's first launcher powered by a 3D engine. Even if that claim is false, it certainly has cool transition effects. It is very speedy and customizable with free themes either from the Theme Store or you can do it yourself. Not to mention it is safe to use and protects your phone or tablet from privacy leaks and malware threats. And you can save up to 30% of your battery life. All in all, it's really fantastic. But not every app is perfect - so I would give it the rating of... 9.5 out of 10.

That really concludes all I have to say. As I said, stay tuned for more if you're interested. And if you are really interested you can help with ideas on how to improve the Wiki News series as well as the wiki itself.

Best wishes,
TheFallenOneGOTH (Talk) 10:23, May 7, 2016 (UTC)

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